Hi! I'm Stephanie Lessard. Nice to meet you!

I paint with watercolors and gouache, and love creating unique handbuilt pottery. I'm inspired by  nature, colors, and texture. 
I currently work as a pediatric speech language pathologist and enjoy helping children learn how to communicate. But art fulfills my soul. I always return to it for peace and clarity of mind. Creating things help soothe and calm me during the most turbulent of times.  When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, my husband and I were job-less, family members were diagnosed with cancer, and I needed life changing surgery. The summer of 2020 was a time for rehabilitation and reflection on what truly feeds my soul.

Art carried me through the dark days and reignited a fiery passion like never before. I hope my work brings you feelings of joy and remind you that it's important to let your passions carry you on.

If you wish to see more of my works, follow me on instagram @ahavahh_art or click on the icon below.

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